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Metro Davao
Branding PTV-11 Davao
Slogan Alang sa Nasud
(For the Nation)
Channels Analog: 11 (VHF)
Affiliations People's Television Network
Owner People's Television Network, Inc.
Founded 1962
Sister station(s) DXPT-TV (PTV DavNor 48)
Former callsigns DXRH-TV (1962−1972)
DXAW-TV (1972-1986)
Former channel number(s) 2 (1974-1986)
Former affiliations MBC (1962−1972)
SBN (1992-1994)
Transmitter power 15,000 watts
Website People's Television Network

DXNP-TV, channel 11, is a regional television station of Philippine television network People's Television Network in Davao City. Its studios and transmitter are located at Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City.

In June 2017, PTV Davao resumed its operations as PTVisMin, with the airing of the first Visayan hourly newsbreak, PTVismin Newsbreak anchored by former ABS-CBN Davao reporter Elric Ayop. The program also aired on the national feed of PTV since October 2017. On October 16, 2017, PTV Davao launched its own 30-minute local newscast PTV News Mindanao with Ayop and Hannah Salcedo as anchors.

Current programs[usba | usba ang wikitext]

  • PTVisMin NewsBreak (news updates airing nationwide)
  • PTV News Mindanao (afternoon local newscast)
  • Kalamboan Dala Tanan

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