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For Radio station, see DXSS.

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DXSS-TV (ETC TV-7 Davao)
Davao City
Branding ETC TV-7 Davao
Channels Analog: 7 (VHF)
Affiliations ETC
Owner Southern Broadcasting Network
Solar Entertainment Corporation
Founded 1965
Call letters' meaning DX
Former channel number(s) 11 (1992-1994)
Former affiliations GMA Network (1965-1994)
Solar News Channel (2012-2013)
Transmitter power 15,000 watts

DXSS-TV, known as ETC-7 Davao, DXSS-TV, channel 7 is an affiliate television station of ETC. The studios located at SBN Compound, Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City (near ABS-CBN), and The transmitter located at Bajada Road Davao City.

Current and past local programs[usba | usba ang wikitext]

  • Oras ng Katotohanan
  • News at Seven Davao (later renamed as News on Seven Davao) (affiliated with GMA Network) (1970s-1990s)

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