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  • Username: Averater
  • Registered: 16:30, 30 Disyembre 2008 (12 ka tuig ang milabay)
  • Total edit count: 38,179
  • Number of attached accounts: 142
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Local wikiAttached onMethodBlockedEdit countGroups
af.wikipedia.org19:01, 16 Hunyo 2016created on login(?)0
als.wikipedia.org22:28, 5 Agosto 2012created on login(?)0
am.wikipedia.org19:01, 16 Hunyo 2016created on login(?)0
ang.wikipedia.org19:01, 16 Hunyo 2016created on login(?)0
an.wikipedia.org19:01, 16 Hunyo 2016created on login(?)0
arc.wikipedia.org19:01, 16 Hunyo 2016created on login(?)0
ar.wikipedia.org22:28, 5 Agosto 2012created on login(?)7
arz.wikipedia.org10:41, 26 Agosto 2016created on login(?)0
ast.wikipedia.org17:58, 26 Enero 2016created on login(?)0
av.wikipedia.org08:03, 18 Enero 2015created on login(?)0
az.wikipedia.org14:37, 30 Nobiyembre 2014created on login(?)8
az.wikibooks.org06:56, 14 Abril 2018created on login(?)0
az.wikisource.org19:11, 22 Abril 2013created on login(?)0
be-tarask.wikipedia.org16:11, 23 Hunyo 2015created on login(?)0
beta.wikiversity.org11:38, 7 Abril 2013created on login(?)0
be.wikipedia.org20:32, 8 Abril 2018created on login(?)0
bg.wikipedia.org06:57, 14 Abril 2018created on login(?)1
bn.wikipedia.org11:36, 28 Pebrero 2016created on login(?)1
bs.wikipedia.org10:48, 27 Nobiyembre 2013created on login(?)0
ca.wikipedia.org06:14, 28 Nobiyembre 2013created on login(?)2
ceb.wikipedia.org20:24, 31 Hulyo 2013created on login(?)298
ce.wikipedia.org08:02, 19 Agosto 2015created on login(?)0
commons.wikimedia.org15:32, 23 Abril 2010created on login(?)16,666autopatrolled
co.wikipedia.org20:40, 25 Pebrero 2016created on login(?)1
cs.wikipedia.org18:16, 14 Oktubre 2014created on login(?)1
cy.wikipedia.org14:52, 28 Agosto 2015created on login(?)1
da.wikipedia.org18:29, 3 Abril 2010created on login(?)0
de.wikipedia.org10:21, 4 Septiyembre 2010created on login(?)23
de.wikibooks.org17:02, 6 Abril 2013created on login(?)0
de.wikiquote.org16:08, 28 Abril 2014created on login(?)0
de.wikivoyage.org07:05, 17 Pebrero 2016created on login(?)0
de.wiktionary.org09:57, 20 Hunyo 2012created on login(?)0
el.wikipedia.org19:27, 23 Nobiyembre 2014created on login(?)0
en.wikipedia.org11:04, 31 Disyembre 2008created on login(?)209
en.wikibooks.org21:17, 7 Nobiyembre 2011created on login(?)0
en.wikinews.org08:38, 15 Hulyo 2010created on login(?)0
en.wikiquote.org21:17, 7 Nobiyembre 2011created on login(?)0
en.wikisource.org12:49, 20 Abril 2011created on login(?)0
en.wikiversity.org21:17, 7 Nobiyembre 2011created on login(?)0
en.wikivoyage.org10:39, 14 Pebrero 2013created on login(?)17
en.wiktionary.org13:12, 4 Septiyembre 2010created on login(?)0
eo.wikipedia.org19:28, 23 Nobiyembre 2014created on login(?)0
es.wikipedia.org20:10, 2 Hunyo 2012created on login(?)14
es.wikinews.org16:43, 1 Disyembre 2015created on login(?)0
es.wiktionary.org11:33, 19 Pebrero 2016created on login(?)0
et.wikipedia.org16:36, 16 Pebrero 2014created on login(?)0
eu.wikipedia.org13:10, 1 Nobiyembre 2012created on login(?)0
fa.wikipedia.org16:26, 1 Hunyo 2010created on login(?)2
fiu-vro.wikipedia.org22:29, 5 Agosto 2012created on login(?)0
fi.wikipedia.org15:20, 13 Mayo 2010created on login(?)8
fo.wikipedia.org19:34, 23 Nobiyembre 2014created on login(?)1
fr.wikipedia.org14:26, 13 Abril 2013created on login(?)14
fr.wikiversity.org15:08, 4 Abril 2013created on login(?)0
fr.wikivoyage.org12:29, 18 Agosto 2013created on login(?)0
fr.wiktionary.org14:49, 28 Nobiyembre 2015created on login(?)0
gl.wikipedia.org19:29, 23 Nobiyembre 2014created on login(?)0
he.wikipedia.org22:30, 5 Agosto 2012created on login(?)0
hr.wikipedia.org07:34, 1 Mayo 2010created on login(?)0
hu.wikipedia.org20:15, 12 Abril 2013created on login(?)2
hy.wikipedia.org17:20, 1 Septiyembre 2014created on login(?)0
ia.wikipedia.org07:57, 23 Enero 2016created on login(?)0
id.wikipedia.org19:37, 20 Enero 2016created on login(?)3
incubator.wikimedia.org21:17, 7 Nobiyembre 2011created on login(?)0
is.wikipedia.org08:59, 1 Mayo 2014created on login(?)3
it.wikipedia.org19:01, 8 Oktubre 2012created on login(?)2
it.wikibooks.org06:22, 13 Abril 2014created on login(?)0
it.wikivoyage.org20:34, 11 Abril 2015created on login(?)0
ja.wikipedia.org20:25, 29 Oktubre 2012created on login(?)2
ka.wikipedia.org20:32, 8 Abril 2018created on login(?)2
kk.wikipedia.org10:32, 16 Marso 2016created on login(?)3
km.wikipedia.org20:39, 7 Disyembre 2015created on login(?)0
ko.wikipedia.org14:59, 25 Oktubre 2015created on login(?)0
ku.wikipedia.org09:54, 19 Enero 2016created on login(?)0
la.wikipedia.org18:44, 3 Marso 2014created on login(?)0
lmo.wikipedia.org20:23, 28 Enero 2015created on login(?)1
login.wikimedia.org20:37, 19 Hulyo 2013created on login(?)0
lt.wikipedia.org19:26, 26 Pebrero 2015created on login(?)1
lv.wikipedia.org07:31, 18 Hulyo 2014created on login(?)0
www.mediawiki.org21:17, 7 Nobiyembre 2011created on login(?)0
meta.wikimedia.org20:28, 8 Mayo 2010created on login(?)39
mg.wikipedia.org19:34, 26 Pebrero 2015created on login(?)0
mk.wikipedia.org18:30, 2 Disyembre 2015created on login(?)0
ml.wikipedia.org19:27, 15 Nobiyembre 2015created on login(?)0
ms.wikipedia.org22:31, 5 Agosto 2012created on login(?)1
my.wikipedia.org11:12, 18 Pebrero 2017created on login(?)0
nds.wikipedia.org14:37, 30 Nobiyembre 2014created on login(?)0
ne.wikipedia.org10:58, 6 Hulyo 2013created on login(?)0
nl.wikipedia.org15:28, 21 Disyembre 2011created on login(?)8
nl.wikibooks.org14:21, 13 Abril 2013created on login(?)0
nl.wiktionary.org12:44, 24 Enero 2015created on login(?)0
nn.wikipedia.org21:15, 21 Hulyo 2013created on login(?)0
no.wikipedia.org08:03, 13 Mayo 2010created on login(?)5
no.wikimedia.org17:45, 6 Enero 2014created on login(?)0
nyc.wikimedia.org21:45, 18 Hulyo 2016created on login(?)0
or.wikipedia.org12:47, 6 Septiyembre 2014created on login(?)0
outreach.wikimedia.org12:31, 28 Disyembre 2013created on login(?)0
pam.wikipedia.org21:03, 3 Agosto 2015created on login(?)0
pl.wikipedia.org22:30, 5 Agosto 2012created on login(?)3
pnb.wikipedia.org19:26, 20 Pebrero 2016created on login(?)1
pt.wikipedia.org19:59, 12 Hunyo 2012created on login(?)19
ro.wikipedia.org19:19, 7 Enero 2014created on login(?)15
ru.wikipedia.org14:57, 26 Agosto 2014created on login(?)11
ru.wiktionary.org12:11, 12 Mayo 2013created on login(?)0
sa.wikipedia.org18:02, 28 Oktubre 2016created on login(?)0
sco.wikipedia.org21:10, 10 Mayo 2014created on login(?)0
se.wikipedia.org21:23, 12 Marso 2010created on login(?)0
se.wikimedia.org13:56, 5 Oktubre 2013created on login(?)0
sh.wikipedia.org21:55, 25 Oktubre 2015created on login(?)0
simple.wikipedia.org13:32, 20 Abril 2011created on login(?)0
sk.wikipedia.org09:55, 29 Oktubre 2015created on login(?)0
sl.wikipedia.org18:07, 14 Oktubre 2014created on login(?)2
wikisource.org12:17, 11 Oktubre 2014created on login(?)0
so.wikipedia.org12:16, 1 Nobiyembre 2012created on login(?)0
species.wikimedia.org11:35, 8 Mayo 2010created on login(?)33
sq.wikipedia.org09:17, 24 Nobiyembre 2013created on login(?)0
sr.wikipedia.org19:26, 26 Pebrero 2015created on login(?)0
sv.wikipedia.org16:30, 30 Disyembre 2008new account(?)13,811
sv.wikibooks.org16:47, 15 Enero 2011created on login(?)2,546
sv.wikinews.org19:15, 4 Nobiyembre 2014created on login(?)0
sv.wikiquote.org19:15, 4 Nobiyembre 2014created on login(?)0
sv.wikisource.org14:30, 20 Nobiyembre 2011created on login(?)0
sv.wikiversity.org19:36, 23 Mayo 2012created on login(?)0
sv.wikivoyage.org09:28, 23 Abril 2013created on login(?)0
sv.wiktionary.org12:08, 24 Hulyo 2012created on login(?)5
ta.wikipedia.org08:38, 27 Pebrero 2016created on login(?)0
test2.wikipedia.org16:32, 24 Oktubre 2012created on login(?)0
test.wikipedia.org11:16, 11 Mayo 2013created on login(?)0
test.wikidata.org16:50, 16 Marso 2015created on login(?)0
te.wikipedia.org11:40, 6 Hulyo 2013created on login(?)0
tg.wikipedia.org19:15, 10 Abril 2018created on login(?)1
th.wikipedia.org06:58, 8 Marso 2015created on login(?)3
to.wikipedia.org19:28, 15 Nobiyembre 2015created on login(?)0
tr.wikipedia.org15:54, 17 Mayo 2013created on login(?)0
uk.wikipedia.org14:52, 6 Oktubre 2013created on login(?)0
vi.wikipedia.org20:24, 31 Hulyo 2013created on login(?)435
war.wikipedia.org20:24, 31 Hulyo 2013created on login(?)315
www.wikidata.org10:39, 14 Pebrero 2013created on login(?)3,615
wikimania2014.wikimedia.org11:47, 1 Agosto 2014created on login(?)0
wikimania2015.wikimedia.org19:49, 19 Enero 2015created on login(?)0
yi.wikipedia.org05:40, 21 Hulyo 2014created on login(?)0
zh-classical.wikipedia.org11:39, 15 Pebrero 2013created on login(?)0
zh.wikipedia.org19:29, 23 Nobiyembre 2014created on login(?)18