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:I've asked this earlier to Pare Mo, see [http://ceb.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hisgot_sa_Gumagamit:Pare_Mo&diff=prev&oldid=965826 here]. [[Gumagamit:Trijnstel|Trijnstel]] 09:41, 30 Hunyo 2011 (UTC)
::Hi Trinjnstel, sorry for the late reply. As for our local policy there is no specific mention on inactive bureaucrats aside from a section on abuse of power/authority ( [[Wikipedia:Tigdumala#Pag-abuso_sa_usa_ka_tigdumala]]). However, I believe that the act of stripping admin rights to a bureaucrat, and a founder at that, ''is somewhat frowned by our local community''. This however won't exempt our project from the mainline policies implemented in Meta for all localized Wikipedia projects. [[Gumagamit:Jordz|Jordz]] 05:38, 20 Hulyo 2011 (UTC)
:::Hi Jordz. Thanks for your reply! Never mind. It's no big deal - I just wondered if such a policy exists here. Have a nice day. Regards, [[Gumagamit:Trijnstel|Trijnstel]] 09:24, 20 Hulyo 2011 (UTC)


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