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Kini sila nga matang makit an ni ining mga lugara[usba ang wikitext]

Kini sila nga mga matang makit an sa "Indo-West Pacific: Kenya to southern Mozambique eastward to the western Pacific. Reported from the Arafura Sea (Ref. 9819). Not reported from oceanic islands in the Indian Ocean, except for Aldabra, Comoros, Madagascar, and the Andaman and Lakshadweep islands. Unknown from the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and from the islands of Micronesia except for Palau. Record from Rodriguez by Heemstra & Randall (1984, Ref. 3153) could not be verified and is probably erroneous (Ref. 33390).". Palihug pag tabang sa pag hubad o pag hatag og katin awan dinhi niining sinulat: <ref name = "COL"/>[1] Lsjbot (talk) 14:15, 18 Marso 2013 (UTC)