Leonard Cohen

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Leonard Cohen
Leonard Cohen concert of the 2008 tour.jpg
Natawo 21 Septiyembre 1934[1][2][3][4][5]
Westmount (lungsod)[6]
Namatay 7 Nobiyembre 2016[7][2][4][5]
Los Angeles[8][2]
Gilubong Mont Royal[9]ug Montréal
Nasyonalidad Canada
Alma mater McGill University, Columbia Universityug Westmount High School
Propesyon Singer-songwriter[10][11][12], poet[13][14], street artist[15], novelist[15], Magsusulat, musician, Aktor, Piyanista, screenwriterug film actor
Relihiyon Budismo, Hudaismo[16][17]ug Scientology[18]
Partner Marianne Ihlen, Dominique Issermann, Rebecca De Mornayug Suzanne Elrod
Anak Adam Cohen (f. 1972)
Lorca Cohen (f. 1974)[19]
Ganti Companion of the Order of Canada (2003)[20]
Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (2010)[15]
Songwriters Hall of Fame (2010)
Glenn Gould Prize (2011)
Governor General's Awards (1968)
Grand Officer of the National Order of Quebec (2008)
Governor General’s Performing Arts Award (1993)
Prince of Asturias Literary Prize (2011)
Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (2009)
Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2008)[21]
Governor General's Award for English-language poetry or drama (1968)
Canadian Music Hall of Fame (1991)
Juno Award for Video of the Year (1993)
Juno Award for Songwriter of the Year (1994)
Grammy Award for Album of the Year (2007)[22]
Juno Award for Songwriter of the Year (2013)
Juno Award for Artist of the Year (2013)
Order of Canada[23]
National Order of Quebec[23]
Grammy Award[23]
Princess of Asturias Awards[23]
Cohen, 1988

Hi Leonard Norman Cohen (Septiyembre 21, 1934 - Nobyembre 7, 2016) mao ang usa ka Canadian singer, songwriter, musikero, magbabalak, nobelista, ug pintor.

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