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Français : Drapeau national du Tchad
العربية: علم تشاد
English: Flag of Chad
Esperanto: Flago de Ĉado
Español: Bandera de Chad. Proporción: 2:3
Italiano: Bandiera del Ciad
Nederlands: Vlag van Tsjaad
Română: Drapelul Ciadului
Slovenščina: Državna zastava Čada
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Flag of Chad.svg
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Pantone colors and RGB values from

Colleurs / Colour Space / الألوان Bleu / Blue / أزرق Jaune / Yellow / الأصفر Rouge / Red / أحمر
Pantone® 281c 116c 186c
RGB 0-37-105 255-204-0 210-15-54
Web #002669 #FFCC00 #D20F36

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kasamtangan19:51, 5 Enero 2019Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 19:51, 5 Enero 2019900 × 600 (197 bytes)FDRMRZUSAHigher svg resolution from same file (resized by "Inkscape). Same proportion: 2:3. Reduced code size. No other changes.
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12:25, 12 Pebrero 2011Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 12:25, 12 Pebrero 2011900 × 600 (343 bytes)TryphonValid SVG.
00:09, 20 Abril 2010Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 00:09, 20 Abril 2010900 × 600 (341 bytes)Zscout370Pantone from
14:48, 9 Pebrero 2010Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 14:48, 9 Pebrero 2010900 × 600 (670 bytes)TryphonValid SVG.
17:13, 6 Pebrero 2006Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 17:13, 6 Pebrero 2006900 × 600 (687 bytes)Vzb83~commonswikiused Pantone 281 C for blue, 116 C for yellow and 186 C for red, source:
22:17, 29 Disyembre 2005Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 22:17, 29 Disyembre 2005450 × 300 (687 bytes)Zscout370I used the colors that had
22:35, 27 Septiyembre 2005No thumbnail (2 KB)SKoppThe flag of Chad. Source: Drawn by User:SKopp {{Template:Insignia}} Category:Flags of Chad

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