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English: Porphyrio porphyrio, or purple swamphen, in Victoria, Australia
Gigikanan Own work
Tagsulat Fir0002


Taken by
Canon 20D + Canon 400mm f/5.6 L

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kasamtangan10:29, 14 Hulyo 2009Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 10:29, 14 Hulyo 20091,067 × 1,600 (411 KB)Fir0002Pukeko, or Purple Swamphen. Taken in Victoria, Australia in June 2008 {{Fir0002 400}}
10:56, 13 Hulyo 2009Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 10:56, 13 Hulyo 20091,067 × 1,600 (405 KB)Fir0002Pukeko, or Purple Swamphen. Taken in Victoria, Australia in June 2008 {{Fir0002 400}}

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