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  1. Trox sabulosus Lin. = Trox sabulosus (Linnaeus, 1758) (1a: head of larva, 1b: mandible of larva, 1c: maxilla of larva, 1d: adult, dorsal view and size comparison, 1e: head of adult, frontal view, 1f: antenna of adult, 1g: labrum of adult, 1h: mandible of adult, 1i: maxilla of adult, 1k: labium of adult, dorsal and ventral views)
  2. Trox hispidus Pontopp. = Trox hispidus Pontoppidan, 1763, adult, dorsal view
  3. Trox scaber Lin. = Trox scaber (Linnaeus, 1767), adult, dorsal view
  4. Psammobius porcicollis Illig. = Brindalus porcicollis (Illiger, 1803), adult, dorsal view
  5. Psammobius sulcicollis Illig. = Psammodius asper (Fabricius, 1775), adult, dorsal view
  6. Rhyssemus asper F. = Psammodius asper (Fabricius, 1775) (6a: adult, dorsal view, 6b: maxilla, 6c: labium)
  7. Diastictus vulneratus Strm. = Diastictus vulneratus (Sturm, 1805), adult, dorsal view
  8. Pleurophorus caesus Panz. = Pleurophorus caesus (Panzer, 1796), adult, dorsal view
  9. Pleurophorus sabulosus Muls. = Platytomus tibialis (Fabricius, 1798), adult, dorsal view
  10. Oxyomus sylvestris Scop. = Oxyomus sylvestris (Scopoli, 1763), adult, dorsal view
  11. Aphodius scrutator Hrbst. = Aphodius scrutator (Herbst, 1789), adult, dorsal view
  12. Aphodius erraticus Lin. = Aphodius erraticus (Linnaeus, 1758), adult, dorsal view
  13. Aphodius subterraneus Lin. = Aphodius subterraneus (Linnaeus, 1758), adult, dorsal view
  14. Aphodius fossor Lin. = Aphodius fossor (Linnaeus, 1758) (14a: adult, dorsal view and size comparison, 14b: head, frontal view, 14c: antenna, 14d: labrum, 14e: mandible, 14f: maxilla, 14g: labium)
  15. Aphodius fossor Lin. ab. silvaticus = Aphodius fossor (Linnaeus, 1758) f. silvaticus, adult, dorsal view
Gigikanan Fauna Germanica: Die Käfer des deutschen Reiches (vol. II, pl. 70). Farbendrucktafeln von Dr. K.G. Lutz. K.G. Lutz' Verlag, Stuttgart.
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