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Deutsch: Positionskarte der Ukraine
English: Location map of Ukraine
Equirectangular projection, vertical stretching 150 %
Border coordinates

Pictogram voting info.svg Info This map is part of a series of location maps with unified standards: SVG as file format, standardised colours and name scheme. The boundaries on these maps always show the de facto situation and do not imply any endorsement or acceptance. In case of changes of the shown area the file is updated. The old version will be uploaded as a new file and thus is still available.

Gigikanan Own work using:
  • United States National Imagery and Mapping Agency data
  • World Data Base II data
Tagsulat NordNordWest
This map has been made or improved in the German Kartenwerkstatt (Map Lab). You can propose maps to improve as well.


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Attribution: Karte: NordNordWest, Lizenz: Creative Commons by-sa-3.0 de
You are free:
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kasamtangan12:43, 28 Pebrero 2018Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 12:43, 28 Pebrero 20181,546 × 1,038 (533 KB)NordNordWestReverted to version as of 10:38, 3 February 2018 (UTC); no, please use File:Ukraine under russian occupation grey.svg
12:12, 28 Pebrero 2018Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 12:12, 28 Pebrero 20181,546 × 1,038 (457 KB)Shmurakadded Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic
10:38, 3 Pebrero 2018Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 10:38, 3 Pebrero 20181,546 × 1,038 (533 KB)NordNordWestvalid svg
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12:03, 31 Marso 2017Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 12:03, 31 Marso 20171,546 × 1,038 (546 KB)Dim GritsState boundary. Its not map of Russia.
18:33, 20 Marso 2017Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 18:33, 20 Marso 20171,546 × 1,038 (556 KB)NordNordWestdashed boundary Russia/Crimea
16:43, 20 Marso 2017Thumbnail sa bersyon sa 16:43, 20 Marso 20171,546 × 1,038 (556 KB)NordNordWestReverted to version as of 15:44, 20 March 2017 (UTC); no: first discussion, then _perhaps_ a change of the map
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