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Template:Geobox locator Illinois is a map definition which can be used to overlay a locator dot on an equirectangular projection map of the U.S. state of Illinois. The markers are placed by latitude and longitude coordinates on a map image which matches the borders defined by this template.

Usage[usba ang wikitext]

This template is used by Template:Geobox map and Template:Geobox2 map, supportive templates for infoboxes in the Category:Geobox series.

The {{Geobox}} template uses this map definition when it includes:

map_locator = Illinois

For the locator dot to be correctly placed, {{Geobox}} must also include:

map = Illinois Locator Map.PNG (or one of the other images shown below)

Calibrated map[usba ang wikitext]

The map definition is calibrated to the first image shown below. It will only work with other map images which share the same border coordinates. Plantilya:Stack Plantilya:Stack

Map definition[usba ang wikitext]

Map definition Map precision

Latitude at top edge, in decimal degrees:

top = 42.60

Latitude at bottom edge, in decimal degrees: 

bottom = 36.85

Longitude at left edge, in decimal degrees:

left = -92.067

Longitude at right edge, in decimal degrees:

right = -86.852

Height/width ratio of the calibrated image:

ratio = 1.40625

Longitude: from West to East this map definition covers 5.215 degrees.

  • At the default image width of 256 pixels, that is 0.0204 degrees per pixel.
  • At an image width of 1000 pixels, that is 0.0052 degrees per pixel.

Latitude: from North to South this map definition covers 5.75 degrees.

  • At the default image height of 360 pixels (256 × height/width ratio), that is 0.016 degrees per pixel.
  • At an image height of 1406 pixels (1000 × height/width ratio), that is 0.0041 degrees per pixel.

Example[usba ang wikitext]

Tiganos 39°46′59″N 089°39′00″V / 39.78306°N 89.65000°V / 39.78306; -89.65000
| name = Springfield
| lat_d =  39 | lat_m = 46 | lat_s = 59 | lat_NS = N 
| long_d= 089 | long_m= 39 | long_s= 00 | long_EW= W
| map_locator = Illinois
| map = Illinois Locator Map.PNG

Calibration tests[usba ang wikitext]

Tiganos 42°30′N 89°59′W / 42.50°N 89.99°V / 42.50; -89.99
Tiganos 37°01′N 89°11′W / 37.01°N 89.18°V / 37.01; -89.18
Tiganos 40°09′N 91°30′W / 40.15°N 91.50°V / 40.15; -91.50
Calumet City
Tiganos 41°37′N 87°33′W / 41.61°N 87.55°V / 41.61; -87.55
Geobox locator Illinois/doc is located in Illinois
Calumet City
Calumet City
same coordinates displayed via {{Location map many}}

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