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Also known as This is just a example
Genre Example
Pahimo ni Example
Based on example
Developed by example
Gi-sulat ni example
Directed by example
Creative director(s) example
Presented by example
Starring example
Judges example
Mga Tinog example
Narrated by example
Theme music composer example
Opening theme example
Ending theme example
Mga Kompositor example
Nasod example
pinulongan(s) example
No. of seasons example
No. of episodes example (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) example
Producer(s) example
Editor(s) example
Location(s) example
Cinematography example
Camera setup example
Oras example
Production company(s) example
Distributor example
Orihinal nga Channel example
Picture format example
Audio format example
First shown in example
Original run example – example
Preceded by example
Followed by example
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