Gikan sa Wikipedia, ang gawasnong ensiklopedya
Non-Cebuano-speakers, please visit our Embassy.
Para sa mga hindi nakakapag-Sebwano, maaari lamang tumungo sa aming Pasuguan.
Si non parli cebuano, per favore, visita nostra Ambasciata.
Si no habla cebuano, por favor, visite nuestra Embajada.
수그부아논 또는 세부어(세부아노)를 모르면, 우리의 대사관에 방문하십시요.
Mga arkibo

Maayong pag-abot sa atong tubaan! Kining maong panid gitagana alang sa komunikasyon sa mga miyembro ning atong katilingban sa Wikipedyang Sinugboanon.

Mahimo kang motabang sa paghimo sa Wikipedya ngadto sa usa ka ikapadayeg nga ensiklopedya pinaagi sa pag-usab sa mga nasulat na nga mga artikulo ug pagsulat og mga bag-ong artikulo. Kon maghimo ka og akawnt mangalan kanimo ang imong mga sinulat.

Suggestion[usba ang wikitext]

Idea: I just had an idea about adding the member permissions including: "patroller", "autopatroller" and "rollbacker". Because human resources at cebwiki are currently seriously lacking.

Reason: increase the number of high-quality articles, minimize vandalism (although it is a small wiki, vandalism is still inevitable). What do you think? Halley luv Filipino ❤ 05:21, 12 Enero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I agree with this...Like my point was, if whats in English Wikipedia must apply in here and just translate all the things in English to Cebuano/Bisaya/Sinugboanon Wikipedia I'm here a few months because I was translating about my newly created article in English and now I had 3 in just span of days I figured it out that here was very lack of everything like some of the coding doesn't work because of some reason we're lacking of officer, administrator, etc., And I know the reason why in our official language Filipino main Tagalog the Wikipedia has covered a lot because of interest and people thre are actively engaged and I knw here why it lacks of people from us because just minority who have interest and if they enter in Wikipedia community they only focused on English and Tagalog they cant even also focus or don't have time in Cebuano Wikipedia. So If Whats in English Wikipedia I suggested that it must apply here also with the help of you (admins) And I knw you are programming so its easier for you to do this btw thanks for being here...Rc ramz (talk) 14:15, 28 Enero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Suggestion[usba ang wikitext]

English: Hi everyone, I want to announce something. I'm about to add the "extendedconfirmed" permission to our wiki. I'm planning to add an option 30/500 revision lock (to tighten up vandalism if necessary). Accordingly, the "extendedconfirmed" right will be automatically assigned to members who have created an account for 30 days and have 500 edits here. What do you think?

Cebuano: Kumusta sa tanan, gusto ko nga ipahibalo ang usa ka butang. Idugang nako ang "extendedconfirmed" nga pagtugot sa among wiki. Nagplano ko nga magdugang ug opsyon nga 30/500 revision lock (aron hugtan ang bandalismo kung gikinahanglan). Tungod niini, ang "extendedconfirmed" nga katungod awtomatiko nga ma-assign sa mga miyembro nga nakamugna og account sulod sa 30 ka adlaw ug adunay 500 ka mga pag-edit dinhi. Unsa sa imong hunahuna? Halley luv Filipino ❤ 11:53, 28 Enero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I totally agree with this like whats in Wikipedia must be applied here like how long etc...Rc ramz (talk) 14:42, 28 Enero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • English Wikipedia rather
Rc ramz (talk) 14:42, 28 Enero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Last days to vote on the Charter for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee[usba ang wikitext]

You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki. Please help translate to your language

Hello all,

I am reaching out to you today to remind you that the voting period for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C) charter will close on 2 February 2024. Community members may cast their vote and provide comments about the charter via SecurePoll. Those of you who voiced your opinions during the development of the UCoC Enforcement Guidelines will find this process familiar.

The current version of the U4C charter is on Meta-wiki with translations available.

Read the charter, go vote and share this note with others in your community. I can confidently say the U4C Building Committee looks forward to your participation.

On behalf of the UCoC Project team,

RamzyM (WMF) 17:00, 31 Enero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply] Bearian (talk) 19:42, 31 Enero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Pahibalo gikan sa Tigdumala[usba ang wikitext]

Kumusta mga Sinugboanong Wikipedians, nagdugang kog pipila ka sa mga gadget sa atong wiki. Kung adunay mga bug sa mga gadget, palihug pahibaloa ako sa akong panid sa pakigpulong. Salamat sa tanan.

Hi Cebuano Wikipedians, I've added a few gadgets to our wiki. If there are any bugs with the gadgets, please let me know on my talk page. Thanks everyone.

Mensahe gikan sa tigdumala Như Gây Mê

Tech nga Balita: 2024-06[usba ang wikitext]

MediaWiki message delivery 19:22, 5 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

IMPORTANT: Admin activity review[usba ang wikitext]

Hello. A policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, interface administrator, etc.) was adopted by global community consensus in 2013. According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing administrators' activity on all Wikimedia Foundation wikis with no inactivity policy. To the best of our knowledge, your wiki does not have a formal process for removing "advanced rights" from inactive accounts. This means that the stewards will take care of this according to the admin activity review.

We have determined that the following users meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no logged actions for more than 2 years):

  1. Bentong Isles (bureaucrat, administrator)
  2. Harvzs (administrator)

These users will receive a notification soon, asking them to start a community discussion if they want to retain some or all of their rights. If the users do not respond, then their advanced rights will be removed by the stewards.

However, if you as a community would like to create your own activity review process superseding the global one, want to make another decision about these inactive rights holders, or already have a policy that we missed, then please notify the stewards on Meta-Wiki so that we know not to proceed with the rights review on your wiki.

Thanks, Superpes15 (talk) 15:09, 7 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

  • About the bureaucrat Bentong Isles, I have no opinion on this user (because this user said he left Wikipedia a long time ago as you know before).
  • About admin Harvzs, this user is still active and currently working as a sysop at warwiki, but he seems to be inactive here. I also want to hear this user's opinion on whether he wants to retain his rights here or not (Of course if he doesn't respond after one month, steward can decision to remove admin right of him).
Halley luv Filipino ❤ 02:36, 8 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • We unfortunately don't have many active admins here, only Như Gây Mê who started a few weeks ago who has temporary admin tools but could be given them permanently. I check the recent changes every day or so and if I became an admin I would help with cleaning up the duplicates etc. Qu0404 (talk) 09:19, 8 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Mosugod ko og hisgutanan susama sa gihangyo. Dili ko mobiya nga sysop. Ako usab tagaan og pahayag kay User:Bentong_Isles ug ang ubang mga sysops sa bag-ong polisiya
I will open up the community discussion as requested shortly. I am not resigning as a sysop. I will also inform User:Bentong_Isles and any other sysops of the new policy. --~~ Harvzs (talk) 08:11, 9 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]
The discussion has been opened at Wikipedya:Mga_pagsubay_sa_katungdanan_og_tigdumala
Harvzs (talk) 08:28, 9 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Kumusta mga Sinugboanong Wikipedian, naay boto nga nagpadayon karon. Gidapit ka namo sa pag-apil sa boto!

Kumusta mga Sinugboanong Wikipedian, sa pagkakaron adunay usa ka diskusyon sa pagreserba sa tigdumala nga mga katungod alang sa gumagamit Harvzs, palihug apil niini nga diskusyon!

Announcing the results of the UCoC Coordinating Committee Charter ratification vote[usba ang wikitext]

You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki. Please help translate to your language

Dear all,

Thank you everyone for following the progress of the Universal Code of Conduct. I am writing to you today to announce the outcome of the ratification vote on the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee Charter. 1746 contributors voted in this ratification vote with 1249 voters supporting the Charter and 420 voters not. The ratification vote process allowed for voters to provide comments about the Charter.

A report of voting statistics and a summary of voter comments will be published on Meta-wiki in the coming weeks.

Please look forward to hearing about the next steps soon.

On behalf of the UCoC Project team,

RamzyM (WMF) 18:23, 12 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tech nga Balita: 2024-07[usba ang wikitext]

MediaWiki message delivery 05:48, 13 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tech News: 2024-08[usba ang wikitext]

MediaWiki message delivery 15:36, 19 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Tech News: 2024-09[usba ang wikitext]

MediaWiki message delivery 19:23, 26 Pebrero 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month 2024: We are back![usba ang wikitext]

Please help translate to your language

Hello, dear Wikipedians!

Wikimedia Ukraine, in cooperation with the MFA of Ukraine and Ukrainian Institute, has launched the forth edition of writing challenge "Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month", which lasts from 1st until 31st March 2024. The campaign is dedicated to famous Ukrainian artists of cinema, music, literature, architecture, design and cultural phenomena of Ukraine that are now part of world heritage. We accept contribution in every language! The most active contesters will receive prizes.

We invite you to take part and help us improve the coverage of Ukrainian culture on Wikipedia in your language! Also, we plan to set up a banner to notify users of the possibility to participate in such a challenge! ValentynNefedov (WMUA) (talk)

Tech News: 2024-10[usba ang wikitext]

MediaWiki message delivery 19:47, 4 Marso 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]