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Good articles Ang artikulong Islam gitala isip usa ka Maayong Artikulo. Makatabang kini sa pagpalambo sa kalidad sa atong Wikipedya. Kon mahimo mo kining panindoton ug mapadak-an, mas maayo.

Hinumdumi nga mahimong tangtangon ang estado sa pagkamaayong artikulo kon moubos o mobati ang kalidad sa artikulo.

Gi-review nga bersyon. Gi-review niadtong (Walay petsa nga gibutang)

Monotestika?[usba ang wikitext]

(1) "usa ka monotestikang Abrahamikong relihiyon"

Perhaps "monoteistika" would be a better form to borrow the English word "monotheistic". Alternatively, a Spanish-derived form (used in the Spanish article on Islam) is "monoteista".

I think the more fundamental issue is: would the target readership of this article even understand the loanword in any of these forms? I would appreciate a pointer to any past discussion of who is the target audience, I have not been active on this wikipedia (I speak Cebuano as a second language, I am not fluent enough to write in it.) I would hope that one of the major audiences is school children who are native speakers of Cebuano, and would have a hard time understanding the English article. I think that audience would be better served if there was a phrase explaining what was meant by the term "monotheistic", rather than a new loanword (or in addition to the loanword, which could appear later in the text).

A model could be taken from the Simple English article on Islam:

(2) They believe in only one God, that God is called Allah, which is the Arabic phrase for "the (only) God".

Just delete the word "monotestikang" from (1) and add a translation of (2) after it.

Fbkintanar 07:01, 9 Mayo 2009 (UTC)