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[edit] Documentation-plain.svg Dokumentasyon sa Plantilya

Usage[usba ang wikitext]

{{Documentation subpage}}
{{Documentation subpage |[[Page where the documentation transcluded]]}}

Userbox documentation[usba ang wikitext]

To set this template to use "userbox" and "userbox page" rather than "plantilya" and "plantilya page" or "gumagamit template" and "gumagamit template page", use:

{{Userbox documentation subpage}}
{{Userbox documentation subpage |[[userbox page]]}}

Text customization[usba ang wikitext]

The parameters |text1= and/or |text2= can be used to set the text of, respectively, the template's first and second lines. If text1 is set but not text2, both lines' text will derive from text1: