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Tipo {{{type}}}
Branding {{{branding}}}
Nasod {{{country}}}
First air date {{{airdate}}}
Availability {{{available}}}


by {{{founder}}}
Motto {{{motto}}}
Slogan {{{slogan}}}
Market share {{{market_share}}}
Endowment {{{endowment}}}
Revenue {{{revenue}}}
Net income {{{net_income}}}
Licence area {{{licence_area}}}
Broadcast area {{{broadcast_area}}}
Area {{{area}}}
ERP {{{erp}}}
Owner {{{owner}}}
Key people {{{key_people}}}
Launch date {{{launch_date}}}
Dissolved {{{dissolved}}}
Mga kanhing ngalan {{{former_names}}}
Digital channel {{{digital}}}
Virtual channel {{{virtual channel}}}
Analogue channel {{{analog}}}
Analog channel {{{Analog channel}}}
Picture format {{{}}}
{{{servicename1}}} {{{service1}}}
{{{servicename2}}} {{{service2}}}
{{{servicename3}}} {{{service3}}}
{{{servicename4}}} {{{service4}}}
{{{servicename5}}} {{{service5}}}
{{{servicename6}}} {{{service6}}}
{{{servicename7}}} {{{service7}}}
(Mga) indikatibo {{{callsigns}}}
Pasabot sa indikatibo {{{callsign_meaning}}}
(Mga) kanhing indikatibo {{{former_callsigns}}}
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Affiliates {{{affiliates}}}
Grupo {{{groups}}}
Former affiliations {{{former_affiliations}}}
Opisyal nga sityo {{{website}}}
Pinulongan {{{language}}}
Replaced by {{{replaced_by}}}

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