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This template is used in conjunction with the {{Vgproj}} infobox to summarize release date information for computer or video game articles.

Syntax[usba ang wikitext]

Using named parameters[usba ang wikitext]

The following parameters may be specified to display release dates for multiple regions in a single call (however, they will not be sorted in any particular order):

North American release date.
Japanese region release date.
European release date.
International version release date.
Australasian (Australia and Asia) release date.

If it is desirable to list release dates in a specific order (e.g. chronological), specify each region with a separate call.

Alternate syntax[usba ang wikitext]

Using two parameters {{vgrelease | [[region]] | date }}

Wikilinked region name. For brevity, should be formatted as a piped link, e.g. [[Japan|JPN]]'.
Release date (may be wikilinked for date formatting preferences)

Using three parameters (for backwards compatibility) {{vgrelease | region | ID | date }}

region, ID
Name and abbreviation for the region (Japan, North America, etc.) to which the release date applies. These will be combined to form a piped wikilink.
Release date (may be wikilinked for date formatting preferences)