Stéphane Abrial

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Stéphane Abrial
General Stéphane Abrial 080524-f-1014w-154.jpg
Natawo 7 Septiyembre 1954[1]
Nasyonalidad Pransiya
Alma mater School of the Air
Propesyon Military personnel
Posisyon Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (2009–2012)
Ganti Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour[1]
Croix de guerre des théâtres d'opérations extérieures[1]
Officer of the National Order of Merit[1]
Grand Officer of the Order of the Crown
commander of the Legion of Merit
Ehrenkreuz der Bundeswehr in Silber
legionnaire of Legion of Merit
Stéphane Abrial

Si Stéphane Abrial (gipakatawo ika-7 sa Septyembre 1954) maoy Pranses nga heneral.

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