Wikipedya sa Sinugboanon

Gikan sa Wikipedia, ang gawasnong ensiklopedya
Wikipedya sa Sinugboanon

Ang Wikipedya sa Sinugboanon mao ang hubad sa Wikipedya sa Sinugboanon. Sa karon, kini ang labing dakong Wikipedya sa mga pinulongang Pilipino. Kini mao ang kinadak-ang Philippine-based nga pinulongan sa Wikipedia.

Ania ang sa iningles:

In August 2017, it had more than 5 million articles, more than 99 percent was created by bots. However there are only 143 active users.

Cebuano is the second most spoken language in the Philippines with about 20 million speakers. In Cebuano, there are not printed dictionaries or encyclopedias, as well as no other on the Internet. At the same time, the Cebuano-language Wikipedia is also the only encyclopedia of this language.

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