Tabogon, Sugbo

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Sensus sa Populasyon
Tabogon, Sugbo
Sensus Populasyon +/-
1990 24,664
1995 27,735 2.4%
2000 27,827 0.07%
2007 31,942 1.92%
2010 33,024 0.46%

Ang Tabogon usa ka ikaupat nga klase nga lungsod sa lalawigan sa Sugbo, Pilipinas. Sumala sa sensus sa tuig 2000, kini may populasyon nga 27,827 ka tawo sa 5,825 ka bubong.

Mga barangay[usba | usba ang wikitext]

Ang Tabogon may 25 ka mga barangay.

  • Alang-alang
  • Caduawan
  • Kal-anan
  • Camoboan
  • Canaocanao
  • Combado
  • Daantabogon
  • Ilihan
  • Labangon
  • Libjo
  • Loong
  • Mabuli
  • Managase
  • Manlagtang
  • Maslog
  • Muabog
  • Pio
  • Poblacion
  • Salag
  • Sambag
  • San Isidro
  • San Vicente
  • Somosa
  • Taba-ao
  • Tapul

Kasaysayan[usba | usba ang wikitext]

The town bears the name in memory of the beleaguered times its settlers suffered untold difficulties during Moro pillages. Their settlement has first located near coastline where there were many Aguho trees. Consequently, the village became known as “Aguho”.

Time after time, pirate assaults forced the people to evacuate to safer places. Even as they thought they were already out of danger, marauders would still besiege their colony. The inhabitants had to move further inland and to the hills.

When the Spaniards came and secured the place, the inhabitants changed the name of their village to “Tabogon”, a vernacular, meaning, “to be driven away”. Tabogon was formally founded in 1827. In 1877, of fifty years later, the townsite was transferred to its current location. Thus, the village once known as “Aguho” and “Tabogon” was now called “Daantabogon”.

In time, a church, a convent, a school, abelfry and a watchtower were built in Daantabogon through free labor of inhabitants. Unfortunately, these were eventually destroyed, and only their ruins stand to storify the inhabitants’ challenging past.

The first “Capitan Municipal” was Gaspar Monteron, the root of the clan Monteron, Montellano, Hortellano and Garcia. Capitan Agustin Regis, chosen as the sixth municipal capitan, caused the transfer of the town where Tabogon is now located.

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